Industry - What can YOU do?

All this information can seem a lot, and the practices involved might seem out of your hands. Nevertheless, every person who acts has their impact added to the whole, and much like any ecosystem the individual actions create a greater, unstoppable movement. Below are four small ways that we believe will make a difference, be it one person or one million.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle

Whether it’s buying carefully (Refuse), buying less (Reduce), buying to last (Reuse), repairing to prevent buying again (Repair) or doing what you can to give your waste a new life (Recycle), the 5 Rs are a powerful way for people to connect more with their buying habits, lower their environmental impact, and transform their lives into less cluttered, more positive lifestyles.


Local and Nationally Source Goods

Our freight industry is a little known source of extreme CO2 and ocean pollution, and any efforts you can make to lessen that transportation makes a big difference. Want to go further? Look out for hand-crafted goods which are much more often sustainably made, and make a big difference to your local economy.


Use Efficient Appliances

Modern life depends closely on a variety of machines and appliances, and all of them come with an energy efficiency rating! Taking the time to make sure that the devices you buy are as energy efficient as they can be can make a huge difference - not just to the environment, but to your power bill! 


Cut The Plastic

Plastic is one of the biggest causes of ecosystem damage on our planet, yet it hasn’t even been 100 years since its invention! Start taking conscious action to cut out plastic and buy products made of sustainable materials like wood, bamboo, metal or rubber, and start looking out for just how much we coat our products in plastic! It’s shocking how much we’re surrounded by! 

Remember that every small action is part of a greater whole. Anything you can do helps our planet, and sustains our future!

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