Earth Rising starts with you drawing
two Influence cards every turn.

Each one matches a counter in a sector,
with one side Sustainable
and the other Unsustainable.

These cards allow you to influence the board and transform our world.

Practices support people
(represented by wooden meeple), with each Practice providing for the needs of two and keeping them out of poverty.

Unsustainable Practices 
place Strain on our world, but Sustainable Practices remove it.

This Strain builds up in Ecological Burdens, and the planet can only be burdened so much...

If we place too much strain upon our planet…

our ecosystems collapse, bringing disaster with them!

Only by taking the strain off our struggling world can we sustainably expand our society and provide for more people...

...Until we can finally make a society with room for everyone, without costing the earth.
The question is...

Can you accomplish it within 20 years?

Download Earth Rising's Rulebook

View the rules yourself and see just how easy it is to learn to play, or check out some of our free translations of the game below!

Download the English rules

Climate Organisations we're proud to have worked with

It's not enough to us that our game demonstrates the situation we're in through an engaging, entertaining and social medium.

We've worked with a number of organisations who have helped ensure that Earth Rising features accurate depictions of the challenges and solutions that we confront in real life.

Each of these organisations are running missions that create meaningful and impactful change to our planet every day.

Only by supporting each other to transform our world will we reach true success!

Click below to find out more about their incredible efforts.

The Game

The game design is based on the ‘doughnut economics’ system, devised by Oxford Economics Professor, Kate Raworth, and demonstrates how our societal needs may be balanced alongside our planetary impact.

In our present world we are failing on both fronts – overwhelming poverty and inequality matched by extreme ecosystem damage. Your goal is to work together to change the world, for the better, for everyone.

The only way to achieve this is to challenge our existing practices and provide better alternatives, while working hard to clean up and mitigate the damage already done.