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Earth Rising

Earth Rising

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A co-operative, family strategy board game that sets you the challenge of bringing our world into balance, securing our future and providing what we need without costing the earth.

For families and friends, aged 11+. You have twenty years to transform the world, are you up to the task?


What's included:

  • One beautifully crafted, 100% sustainably produced 4 piece board
  • 42 Practice Tokens and Influence cards, each showcasing real life Unsustainable Practices, and the Sustainable options that could replace them!
  • 84 Strain tokens and 42 wooden people, all made of FSC certified wood - our meeple are laser cut and untreated to give them a natural and varied look and feel
  • 6 character options with evolving, asymmetric abilities - play a diverse range of specialists trying to save our world!
  • First Edition Exclusive punchboard box organiser insert!
  • English Rulebook, also including Quick-Play, Solo-Play, and access to our in-depth Informational Booklet explaining the science behind each practice
  • An intense co-operative experience your gaming group will never forget!

Want to know more? Click here for more pictures, how to play, and the story behind the game!

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